5 Reasons Not to Buy Life Insurance

Is there something holding you back from protecting your loved ones? Have you convinced yourself that you really don’t need life insurance?

Well maybe you’re right and you don’t need this important coverage after all. Let me help by providing you with five more reasons not to buy life insurance (and why they don’t make sense):

1) You don’t have any kids – While having children is the number one reason for many to setup life insurance, the lack of them doesn’t automatically mean you don’t need coverage. Many people have a spouse or other family member that is reliant on the income they earn and they would be put into a tough financial position if you were to pass away unexpectedly.

2) You think it’s too expensive – False concern over the cost of insurance is the top reason why people don’t setup life insurance. A recent survey found the average consumer estimated coverage at five times it’s actual cost. This is partly the fault of the insurance industry who try to push expensive permanent policies onto people who only need a cheap term insurance plan.

How cheap is it? A $500,000 life insurance policy for a 30-year-old female is only $20 per month!

3) You’re too young and healthy – Nobody is invincible, and an accident can happen at any time. If anyone depends on you to make ends meet, you should be considering insurance now. As an added bonus, someone young and healthy will qualify for great rates and be able to lock them in now for as long as they’ll need the coverage.

4) You don’t know where to start – Almost half of the people surveyed said that their lack of understanding about insurance was the main reason they hadn’t set any up. There are vast amounts of information online for those that want to do some research. Alternatively, a short chat with a professional financial planner can help create a customized plan.

5) You don’t have time to set it up – Applying for insurance used to be a long and onerous task but it’s much easier these days. The entire application process can now be done online, and several insurance companies even offer e-delivery of the policy once approved. Setting up a policy is now easier than ever so a lack of time is no longer a valid excuse.

It is common human nature to avoid tasks that you know you should do and equally common to find excuses or reasons to support your behaviour. But just because you don’t want to setup life insurance coverage on yourself doesn’t mean your family doesn’t deserve it.

So enough of the excuses already, if you need life insurance go set it up! You’ll sleep better at night once you do.